Cinecittà Studios takes you travelling through time, from Imperial Rome to the Renaissance, from Jerusalem to Florence, landing in the heart of the Studios, the setting for unforgettable films.
You can dine, dance and toast in the Studios, framed by film sets created by the greatest set designers, offering your guests the thrill of experiencing the unique atmospheres brought to life in the best Italian and international films.

Ancient Rome

Outside area
Maximum capacity
2000 guests

2000 sqm

Set-up examples
Cocktail 2000 guests

Gala dinner 1100 guests

Basilica Aemilia
Maximum capacity
1200 guests

1500 sqm

Set-up examples
Cocktail 1200 guests

Gala dinner 900 guests

Convention 1200 guests

The set of Ancient Rome, created for a famous US TV series, extends over an area of approximately 10 acres.

The outside area can accommodate up to 2,000 people, while the Basilica Aemilia can seat approx. 900 in a gala dinner setting and up to 1,200 people in meeting/convention set-up.

The set offers the perfect setting for events, featuring both a large outside area and the splendid Basilica Aemilia, a 1,500 sqm recreation of infinite glamour.  An assortment of 3,000 set elements is available for use to personalize and theme the dressing of the set.

The close proximity to Soundstage 10 makes it an ideal location for combining conventions and exclusive dinners.

The Temple of Jerusalem

Maximum capacity
300 guests
450 sqm
Set-up examples
Cocktail 300 guests
Gala dinner 250 guests

The set of the Temple Jerusalem covers an area of 450 sqm. It was created by set designer Francesco Frigeri (who previously worked on Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”) for “The Young Messiah” (2015) directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh.
The extremely realistic effect of the fibreglass structure creates a magical and evocative open-air setting which is particularly suitable for hosting gala dinners and evening cocktails. The area can be covered with a tensile structure, thereby making it available all year round.

The set of Florence in 1400

Maximum capacity
600 guests

1400 sqm

Set-up examples
Cocktail 600 guests

Gala dinner 500 guests

The set was built in 2002 for an Italian TV miniseries about the life of St. Francis of Assisi and has been adapted several times since to suit new requirements. In 2015 the set was adapted for “The Young Messiah”, based on the novel by Anne Rice and directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh.

The set covers an area of approx. 1,400 sqm. Its elegant buildings are particularly suitable for hosting gala dinners and cocktail parties, creating an immersive surreal and timeless atmosphere.

Set in Progress